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Youth league referees in Danville Soccer Association make it possible for us to play the games. Referees are coaches and parents who have learned the basics of the rules for their level of play, and volunteer to do the job. There are usually training sessions for referees before the beginning of the fall season for those who are interested.

Soccer rules are pretty simple at the younger age groups, so the official mainly decides restarts for out of bounds and fouls, keeps the clock, and keeps the game safe and fun for the players and fans.

Higher-level games, such as traveling soccer, require referee certification through the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). These officials are paid for their work. Anyone with an interest can become certified by attending a two-day course taught by certified instructors, either in Danville or Urbana. Once certified, an annual one-day refresher keeps you current. Danville soccer has several USSF certified officials who help teach and train our recreational league officials, and who volunteer to do some of the local games.

There is lots of help available to volunteers who referee. This Website has links to referee pages and the "laws of the game". There are books and courses available through FIFA www.fifa.com. Click on "Laws of the Game", pick the language you want to read it in, and go. This link is a very helpful concise booklet, which you can download, so you have the official rules at hand. DSA does do some minor youth-league modifications (field size, ball size, game length, etc.).

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